team members

We typically send a team of 6 to 20 people.

While the trip length varies from partner to partner, we suggest a trip length of 7- 9 days with 5-7 days on the ground.

We send OneHope Teams to several countries around the world. We work with each partner to ensure the country, availability, and programs are the best fit for the team. See this page for more details.

Most OneHope Teams travel during the Summer and Fall months. Each trip is customized based on the partner’s needs and country’s availability.

We ask for a deposit to confirm the team then set two more deadlines to collect  50% and 100% of the funds. Each partner can pay via check (with att: Teams at OneHope, Partner, Country, Dates of Travel) or on our website.

Our mission is to reach Every Child with God’s Word. Our ministry is customized for each country’s needs and can look different depending on the time of year. We pair each team with the right country and program in order for the team to serve in a way that aligns with both the mission and vision of ministry in each country.

Ministry could look like: Book Distribution, School Assemblies, Visiting Orphanages, Hospitals, Sunday Schools, speaking at a church, essentially playing with the children and encouraging the ministers and staff at the locations you will be visiting.

We work primarily with churches and group partners. Even though we do not send individuals on trips, we would be happy to connect you with a potential team.

We encourage anyone who has interest in serving on a team and has a heart for the mission of OneHope to join us for a Teams trip.  

Yes, we work with local churches, missionaries, and schools, serving alongside OneHope partners in each country.

Traveling with OneHope can be an incredible opportunity to serve alongside others who believe in the mission of “God’s Word. Every Child.” Joining a team allows you to step outside of your comfort zone, grow in your faith, learn about a new culture, and ultimately serving children and youth around the world.