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How to prep your team for a successful trip

Leaving Soon

As your trip date approaches, there are action steps you can take to help prepare your team for a mission trip abroad. We highly recommend that you have a minimum of 3 meetings before your departure date. We’ve created a suite of videos and resources for you to share with your team.  

Leaving Soon

Prep the team for ministry to children and youth and learn tips on sharing your testimony.

Skits + Object Lessons

It’s never too late, don’t forget to practice your skits and object lessons!

object lessons

Packing for the Trip

Before you start packing your suitcase, make sure you know what is culturally and ministry appropriate. Make sure you have all you need for each skit and object lesson in your luggage. There are helpful travel trips too!  

To Read on the Plane

This content would be helpful to print off and give to your team as they board the plane. It’s helpful to have everyone on the same page about cultural sensitivity, how to successfully distribute the Book of Hope, deal with culture shock, and remain safe on the field.

returning home

Returning Home

This content will help your team adjust well as they process their experience and return home. It may be helpful to have these packets available for team members to read on their return flight.