What is a Virtual Teams Experience?

This is an opportunity for your group to experience another culture, right from home! As a participant in a OneHope Virtual Experience, we hope that you will:

Learn About Another Culture

Grow in Your Faith

Pray for Children and Youth Around the World

Champion the Mission of OneHope

Where Can We Go?

You can choose to experience any of the Regions where we have OneHope programs and partners waiting to engage with you and your team: 

  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Eurasia
  • Latin America
  • Lusophone
  • North America
  • Southern Asia

What Will We Do?

  • Make a recipe from the Region you visit
  • Meet a Missionary or Pastor from the Field
  • Build a unique cultural craft
  • Learn songs from your Region
  • Engage with children and field partners through worship, games, and Q&A

What Comes in an Experience Box?

  • OneHope Swag and Resources
  • Regional Snacks
  • Flags, stickers, and candy from the countries that you are paired with in your region
  • Ingredients to make two delicious authentic cultural recipes
  • Supplies to create a memento from your journey

Experience Highlights

The Teams Experience will last about one week, with a variety of activities for your group to complete separately or together. 

Each member of your team will receive an Experience Box filled with resources to learn and interact with the culture they will be virtually traveling to. 

The highlight of the week will be a 4-hour live event,hosted on an online event platform. During this event,your team will interact with a local church in 1 or 2 countries from the region that you’ve been learning about through games, prayer, and other activities. For the best experience, each participant should have access to their own computer and join the event individually. However, if you would like to participate as a group at a single location, let us know and we can provide you with some suggestions!

In a time of limited travel, the OneHope Virtual Teams Experience will give your team the opportunity to open their hearts and minds to those living in other countries. You will be provided with plenty of resources to continue to pray for and support the country you experience! 

Contact Us

If you would like to organize a OneHope Virtual Teams Experience or have questions, let us know by contacting our Events Team at events@onehope.net. We look forward to hearing from you!