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Who is OneHope?
OneHope is an international ministry that is changing lives by sharing Scripture with children and youth around the world. Founded in 1987 by missionary Bob Hoskins and now led by his son Rob, OneHope has a strategic plan to reach every young person, in every nation, with a relevant Gospel message by the year 2030.
OneHope develops Scripture engagement programs that are as diverse as the children and youth they are intended to reach. Though the format and delivery methods are different, the Scripturally-based message of God’s love is still the same. Keeping cultural relevance and each society’s unique issues in mind, OneHope’s Scripture programs in Japan look much different than its programs in Madagascar—and in each of the more than 125 countries it serves. OneHope is an outcome-based ministry. This means we start by identifying the desired result and then build a program specifically designed to achieve that purpose.

What sort of Ministry can we expect to take part in?

  • Traditional ministry
  • Digital ministry
  • Short Film ministry
  • Much more!
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